Summary: Examination of Judicial Cases against RA Cadaster Committee

“The Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO conducted an examination on the judicial acts adopted by in regard to the applications filed against the RA Cadaster Committee, with the aim to raise the problems of public administration and administrative justice, as well as elaborate recommendations for their solutions. 

The Organization examined the 53 verdicts of adopted 61 verdicts as well as 36 discontinued verdicts out of 55 cases filed against the RA Cadaster Committee in 2019 and 2020 respectively and registered in the RA Administrative Court until June 30 of 2020 respectively. 

The complaints by the monitored 28 cases have been satisfied completely (53%), 23 complaints were rejected (43%), 2 complaints have been satisfied partially (4%). 

It turns out, that in terms of the half of the majority of the examined cases the court recorded administration related problems. 

The examination was conducted in the scope of the Project on “Public Administration System Reforms: Is Armenia Creating a New Reality” within the period of March 01 of 2020 to March 31 of 2021, with the financial assistance of the National Democratic Endowment (NED).

RA Report: Examination of Judicial Cases against RA Cadaster Committee