The Two Applications on the Failure to Wear a Mask Filed by the Organization Have Been Satisfied

A number of citizens were subjected to administrative sanctioning for the failure to maintain restrictions adopted during the emergency situations in Armenia, particularly for the failure to wear a mask or for wearing a mask improperly.

The rights of the mentioned citizens were presented by the Protection of Rights without Borders NGO lawyers.

The reports on the administrative sanctions were elaborated in a line with paragraph 1.1 of Article 182.3 of the RA Administrative Offences Code, that is violation of the requirements, conditions of the freedom of movement during the state emergency.

The mentioned decisions were appealed by the lawyers of the Organization both in superior (RA Police) and in judicial orders.

As a result, two completely satisfied appeals filed in superior order are now available

By the appeals, reference to the exceptions for not wearing a mask set by the RA Commandant Decree N 63 dated May 03 of 2020, the objectives, types (a warning is proceeded by the sanction) of the administrative offence defined by the RA Administrative Offences Code, the proportionality, certainty defined by the RA Constitution was made.

The violations of the requirements presented to the decision adopted by the relevant departments of the RA Police in regard to the administrative offences’ cases were considered a ground for adopting a decision to satisfy the appeal.

Both the above-mentioned appeals and applications filed on base of other legal grounds are currently under administrative and judicial examinations stages.

The Organization continues to provide legal support to the citizens, whose rights have been violated in the outcome of the activities or inaction of the state authority representatives.