Criminal Persecution against Vahagn Ghumashyan has been Ceased

On June 22 of 2018, the Special Investigation Service made a decision to cease the criminal persecution instituted by the characteristics of Paragraph 2 of Article 225 (absence of crime in his actions) of the RA Criminal Code against Vahagn Ghumashyan, supporter of the Founding Parliament, back on July 30 of 2016. Vahagn Ghumashyan was […]

Arrests of the “Unpunishable”: the latest scandalous events are being discussed during the “At the Crossroad of the Opinions” program

During the last days, the law enforcement bodies have handcuffed such people, who have been considered as unpunishable and previously the latter personally gave orders to handcuff other people. During the broadcast of “At the Crossroad of the Opinions” program of “Azatutyun” radio station, we are discussing the latest most scandalous discoveries with Hovik Aghazaryan, […]

Information Note on the Necessity for the Protection of Presumption of Innocence after the “Velvet Revolution” in 2018  

In information note on the necessity of the protection of presumption of innocence after the Velvet Revolution in the Republic of Armenia has been elaborated by the Protection of Rights without Borders NGO. The information with the respective recommendations has been submitted to the RA Government, law enforcement bodies and to courts. Information Note on the […]

Armenian Dream Come True

Citizens in Armenia imagined a free country and took their responsibility to build it, says Haykuhi Harutyunyan, president of Protection of Rights Without Borders, who spoke to BlueLink Stories’ editor Pavel Antonov on May 16, 2018 during the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum General Assembly in Sofia. In April 2018 streets all over Armenia were flooded with people who […]

The Protection of Rights without Borders Has Submitted 9 Reports on Crime to the RA Prosecutor’s General Office and Special Investigation Service

Within the period of April 17-25 of 2018, the Protection of Right without Borders NGO submitted 9 reports on the use of force, illegal detention of citizens to the different police stations, keeping the latter longer than as it is prescribed by the law, as well as use of the special measures by the Police […]

The Civil Society Discusses the Issue of Political Prisoners

There have been and there are political prisoners, but there should be no more political prisoners: this was the collective statement issued by the human rights defender, advocates, civil society representatives within the scope of the discussion on the status of the political prisoners and their possible release. Expert David Khachatryan presented the cases of […]

Problem of political prisoners and independence of judiciary

The discussion on the topic “The Issue of the Political Prisoners and the Court Independence” took place on May 29 of 2018. During the discussion, Haykuhi Harutyunyan, the President of the “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO presented the assessments of PACE of the status of political prisoners. According to H. Harutyunyan, the Parliamentary Assembly […]


15.05.2018  We, the below-signed organizations of civil society, welcome the victory of the People and value the awakening of civil self-awareness and dignity. We appreciate the principles proclaimed by the Prime Minister for achieving responsible, transparent, and accountable governance. We comprehend the gravity of the problems faced by and the difficulty of the work to […]

Reference: Who are political prisoners? 

Recently, many discussions related to the topic that in the Republic of Armenia there should be no political prisoners among the large scope of society are being touched upon. Taking account the above mentioned, a legal information note  by “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO has been elaborated, indicating in which cases the detained people can […]