15.05.2018  We, the below-signed organizations of civil society, welcome the victory of the People and value the awakening of civil self-awareness and dignity. We appreciate the principles proclaimed by the Prime Minister for achieving responsible, transparent, and accountable governance. We comprehend the gravity of the problems faced by and the difficulty of the work to […]

Reference: Who are political prisoners? 

Recently, many discussions related to the topic that in the Republic of Armenia there should be no political prisoners among the large scope of society are being touched upon. Taking account the above mentioned, a legal information note  by “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO has been elaborated, indicating in which cases the detained people can […]

PRWB will undertake the Protection of the Victims

“Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO informs, that a criminal case based on the reports presented on the legal activities of the police during the period of April 13-24 of 2018 was instituted. The Organization applied to everybody, who suffered the ill treatmen of police including injuries as a result of use of special measures, […]

40 citizens in civilian clothes entered the military troop unit N 1033 (Davidashen District) and left the building armed

The Protection of Rights without Borders NGO received a call from a citizen on April 25 of 2018, near 12:00 AM that 40 citizens in civilian clothes entered the military troop unit N 1033 (Davidashen District) and left the building armed. Below is the video recording. The Organization, immediately applied to the RA Police, RA […]

We demand to stop the persecutions against the participants of rallies

The human rights protection organization continue to receive calls regarding the persecutions of the participants in the peaceful assembly on April 25 of 2018. In particular, the latter are called to investigative bodies in the status of witness, suspect, accused in order to conduct investigative activities, which restrict and hinder the citizens right to peaceful […]

The United States Urges Constructive Dialogue in Armenia

STATEMENT BY HEATHER NAUERT, SPOKESPERSON April 24, 2018 The coming days represent a historic moment for the people of Armenia and its elected leaders, as they embark on the process of forming a new government.  We urge all sides to engage constructively, within the legal framework of the Armenian constitution, to ensure a peaceful transition […]

Armenia 2017 Human Rughts Report

Armenia’s constitution provides for a republic with an elected head of state and a unicameral legislature, the National Assembly, US State Department reported. According to a constitutional referendum conducted in 2015, the country is on track to transition to a parliamentary republic by the end of the existing presidential term in 2018. The Republican Party of […]