New Generation” Humanitarian NGO views this as prevention of the normal working process of the NGO by special authorities and strictly condemns such actions.

Republic of Armenia Yerevan c. March 14, 2018 RA National Service officers visited the office of “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO on March 12, 2018. During their visit, the officers informed that they were interested in the activities of all NGOs in Armenia. Next they started asking questions about the organization, its activity, with whom the […]

Amnesty International Annual report 2017/18

Over the past year, leaders have pushed hate, fought against rights, ignored crimes against humanity, and blithely let inequality and suffering spin out of control. This provoked mass protests, showing that while our challenges may never be greater, the will to fight back is just as strong. Amnesty International’s report, The State of the World’s Human […]

A case against the members of both Republican and Yerkir Tsirani Parties has been instituted

On February 23, during the sitting of the Yerevan City Council, the members of the Yerkir Tsirani party, at the request of Nubarashen administrative district’s residents, brought sewage water as a “gift” for the Mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan. The surprises ended with the violence against the members of Yerkir Tsirani Party, particularly against Marine […]

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has been examining a case concerning violence against Armenian human rights defender

The case of Marina Poghosyan, President of “Veles” human rights protection organization is at the stage of communication: addressing questions to the RA Government. It should be mentioned, that during the eviction of the family living in Abovyan street, Yerevan on March 17 of 2014, the workers of the RA Compulsory Enforcement Service of Judicial […]

STATEMENT On the physical and psychological violence against Marina Khachatryan, the member of “Yerkir Tsirani”

Yerevan, February 13 of 2018           Below represented organizations strongly condem the physical and psychological violence against Marina Khachatryan, a member of “Yerkir Tsirani” party in Yerevan community council by the members of Republican Party during the Yerevan Community seeting on February 13 of 2018. The public display of the force one more time proves and […]

Announcement: We urge to release the Political Prisoners

More than 10 human rights defender organizations issued a statement with the demand to release the political prisoners addressed to the authorities. It is particularly mentioned in the announcement: The human rights and democratic issues in Armenia are in the center of attention of foreign and international organizations and are regularly reflected in their reports. […]

Marina Poghosyan

The case (number 12381/16) of Marina Poghosyan, the President of the “Veles” NGO submitted to the European Court of Human Rights by the “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO (lawyer Haykuhi Harutyunyan) has been communicated. The Court has submitted the questions regarding the violation of right of the person to the RA Government. Particularly, the […]

Stop Persecution of Civic Journalists in Crimea

We, members of the OSCE-wide NGO coalition Civic Solidarity Platform (CSP) and other NGOs across Europe, express our serious concern about continued harassment and persecution of civic journalists in Crimea, including searches, detentions, administrative arrests and fabricated criminal charges. We call upon the Russian Federation and the de facto authorities in Crimea to immediately take […]

The Justice Group expresses its support to the attorneys participating in the strike

The Justice Group of the Open Society Foundations expresses its support to the advocated, who participated in the strike on February 7 of 2018. The group members completely share the concerns of the advocates on the regulations directed towards the restriction of the advocates’ independence, as prescribed by the civil, administrative and criminal codes.