The State, Recognizing the Violations of Rights, Will Gain the Citizens Trust

During the TV show held by Epress, Haykuhi Harutyunyan, the President of the «Protection of Rights without Borders» NGO touched upon the accusation against Levon Eranosyan, the former Deputy Head of Police, the «Electric Yerevan» events of 2015, July events of 2016, as well as the human rights violations recorded during the April events of 2018.

According to Haykuhi Harutyunyan, in a line with the official information, the scope of the accusations against Levon Eranosyan relate to the facts, that back to April 16 to April 22 of 2018, the latter used special measure, the right of usage of which he did not have. A number of participant of the peaceful assemblies were injured in the outcomes of application of special measures by Eranosyan. But the scope of the accusation was restricted only by the scene of April 16 of 2018, but his actions or inaction regarding the April events of 2018 were not considered a matter of investigation. A number of questions why so much police forces were centered, who provided the special measures, by what grounds, by what order the special measures were applied were raised.

According to the assessment of Haykuhi Harutyunyan, there were a number of human rights violations and the attempt to subject a person to liability for only one little scenario will never compensate the violated rights of all the citizens.

“… During the April events of 2018, thousands of calls from citizens were received through the hot line, who were illegally brought and kept in the police station more than 10 hours, were subjected to ill treatment, physical abuse, pressures, threatening and inhuman, degrading treatment. The body in charge of conducting the preliminary investigation cannot deny the above mentioned, but the answer to the question why an effective investigation in this regards is not being conducted, we expect to receive from the body in charge of making the political decision” – mention H. Harutyunyan.

As mentioned by H. Harutyunyan, complaint-applications regarding the “Electric Yerevan” events of 2015, 2016 July events (July 18-30), April events of 2018 by a number of advocates have been filed to the European Court of Human Rights, which are registered by the latter.

The presented facts in the applications are undeniable and the European Court of Human Rights will record, that violations regarding the rights to freedom of peaceful assemblies, to movement and freedom of immunity, refraining from torture, right to legal protection happened and the worst that the Republic of Armenia did not record effective protection for all the above mentioned cases.

These violations package shall be unacceptable for the post revolution authorities.

“We recommend to make this an issue of evaluation and agenda not in legal but also in political level. First, the post revolution authority, shall accept those facts and publically recognize the violation of the rights. Then a mechanism compatible to the legal procedure of recognition process of the violated rights, when the state will undertake reasonable measures for the protection of the violated rights of its citizen, shall be elaborated and established. These same requirements, will be proposed by the European Court of Human Rights. Our reconciliation proposal is more reasonable at this moment. Being in the situation, when the state, recognizing the human rights violation, will gain the trust of the suffered citizens, will establish that we are intolerant towards such actions, strictly demanding treatment will be formed for the police and most importantly, the citizens will feel themselves protected getting compensation not only for the material loses but also for the psychological and moral damages. The passive conduct demonstrated by the post revolution authorities raised issues of uncertainty: whether we continue the development towards the human rights principals or we continue to ignore and demonstrate favorite attitude towards the police and accept all the violations that were demonstrated by the previous authorities».

Concluding her speech, Haykuhi Harutyunyan urged the current authorities to take reconciliation measures with all the citizens, which suffered the illegal actions of the Police.

«In other case, we will have decisions for more than 55 cases made by the European Court of Human Rights, where all the violations will be recorded” – mentioned H. Harutyunyan.