Both Hayk Babukhanyan and Aram Simonyan are mistaken: Larisa Minasyan

Unfortunately, both Hayk Babukhanyan and Aram Simonyan are mistaken, saying the young men received any financial support from the Fund said Larisa Alaverdyan, executive director of the “Open Society Foundations-Armenia” Office in an interview to Azatutyun radio station.

As mentioned by Larisa Minasyan, it’s not difficult to find out whether there was financial support or not, since while confirming the budgeting, two days after the signing of the agreements, the Fund published a financial report on its official webpage.

“Aram Simonyan should personally be aware of the Fund’s activities, since the fund has worked with that agency for many years by the 1 million 40 thousand calculation, has just given money to that body for different development, education projects” – said Minasyan.

It should be mentioned, that one month before Hayk Babukhanyan, Deputy from the Republican Party announced in National Assembly, that “For Science Development” Initiative has received a grant in the amount of 20 thousand US dollars to organize protests. In the recent interview of Aram Simonyan, rector of the Yerevan State University, to the “Azatutyun” radio station talking about the members of the “For Science Development” Initiative, who started a strike, particularly said “I came back Poland the day before yesterday, where I participated in the famous Soros conference. They obviously received some tasks. They came back to that previous strike hall and are striking”.