The Speech of Haykuhi Harutyunyan on “EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Agreement”

Haykuhi Harutyunyan, the President of the “Protection of Right without Borders” NGO, member of the Executive Board of the Armenian National Platform of Eastern Partnership’s Civil Society Forum delivered a speech during the meeting on “EU-Armenia: Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement” at the National Assembly of Armenia on December 1 of 2017.

According to H. Harutyunyan, a brief, but effective discussion was organized, moreover, when the parties recorded, that the agreement opens a new opportunity of cooperation both for the civil society and authority.

As evaluated by H. Harutyunyan, it was recorded on the both sides, that the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership and member organizations have sufficient expertise potential to ensure real and meaningful participation in that cooperation. At the same time, she also attached importance to the using of the professional potential in the civil society field for the insurance of the implementation of the separate sectors as prescribed by the partnership agreement between the two parties.

  1. H. Harutyunyan also talked about the problems facing the civil society in the human rights, judiciary, as well as in corruption prevention sectors.

“Here, we agree with the opinion of Mr. Ashotyan, Deputy Chairperson of the National Assembly, that the little successes should be recorded, but at the same time, when we try, for example to talk about the impunity of the police, gross violations of the right to fair trail during the criminal persecution process against the participants of the peaceful assemblies in 2016, the campaign against the civil society during the discussions of the draft law on domestic violence and for all the little successes, necessary space and opportunities are not provided” – mention H. Harutyunyan.

  1. Harutyunyan touched upon also the human rights violation issues raised by the civil society and expresses hope, that the will have solutions not only in the civil society documents but also in real actions too.

The full video is available with the following link.