Protection of rights without borders NGO provides free legal AID




“Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO provides free legal aid to NGOs and individuals (including attorneys) with regard to the following:
• Submission of appeals to the Court of Appeal
• Submission of appeals to the Court of Cassation
• Filing of claims to the RA Constitutional Court
• Filing of complaints to the European Court of Human Rights


Preference is given to criminal matters but the NGO will also consider the administrative and civil cases, if they involve legal gaps or can serve as a case law in the law enforcement practice.
PRWB provides legal aid to all the individuals, whose rights have been violated as a result of the activities or inaction of state authorities.
The target groups are:

1. Children
2. Servicemen
3. Prisoners
4. Persons involved in a trial: defendants, victims and witnesses
5. Persons subjected to violence by law enforcement agencies or in closed and semi-closed institutions
6. Persons with disabilities
7. Persons with limited or no capacities


PRWB is also willing to support the NGOs, as well as attorneys in implementing effective rights protection and advocacy activities. All the imdividuals, who would like to appeal the decision/verdict of the RA court of First Instance and are among the target groups presented above, may apply to ”Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO at 11 Amiryan str., office 24. We are available Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 6:00pm. To arrange a visit, call +374 10 505 303.