Statement on non-compliance of Armen Sarkissian with the constitutional requirements for presidency

The Armenian Parliament, having discussed Armen Sarkissian’s candidacy as the President of Armenia, nominated by the ruling Republican Party of Armenia, voted 90 to 10 on March 2, 2018 and elected him as the President of Armenia. We, the undersigned, state that Armen Sarkissian failed to dispel the doubts regarding his citizenship. In particular, he […]

Statement of ngos on the legitimacy of 2013 Presidential elections of the RA

Armenian presidential election was held on 18 February 2013, which was unprecedented throughout the history of the Republic of Armenia. Despite their consistent efforts to minimize political competition and secure peaceful election, as well as reestablish a legitimate government instead of the current one, which has been shaped as a result of 2008 election frauds, […]