Special report on the “Right to fair trial by the RA Ombudsman”

The report on the “Right to Fair Trail” presented by the Human Rights Defender presented in 2013 reflects the corruption mechanisms, the pressures applied against the judges, recorded violations and the dual standards in the Council of Justice, recorded violations and the dual standards in the Court of Cassation, as well as the legislative problems […]

The problems of imprisoned women in Armenia

In Armenia every eighth out of ten imprisoned women is a mother, and these women face problems with seeing their children. Imprisonment has a worse impact on women than on men. 80% of imprisoned women face psychic disorders; they are more frequently stigmatized than men. Besides, husbands of imprisoned women pay them less visits in […]

Enhancing women prisoners’ protection in Armenia

Since 15 October, “Protection of Rights without Borders’’ NGO has launched a new project, which is implemented with the support of Counterpart International Armenia and USAID, directed towards enhancing women prisoners’ protection in Armenia. The project intends to develop and introduce new monitoring criteria in Armenia based on legal reforms in line with UN 65/229 […]