Criminal Persecution against Vahagn Ghumashyan has been Ceased

On June 22 of 2018, the Special Investigation Service made a decision to cease the criminal persecution instituted by the characteristics of Paragraph 2 of Article 225 (absence of crime in his actions) of the RA Criminal Code against Vahagn Ghumashyan, supporter of the Founding Parliament, back on July 30 of 2016. Vahagn Ghumashyan was […]

The Activity of the PRWB on the Improvement of the Judiciary Independence

Since January 1 of 2018, the Protection of Rights without Borders NGO, with the financial support of the Open Society Foundations-Armenia, has been implementing a project on “The Insurance of Judiciary Independence in a Line with the Constitutional Changes”. The aim of the Project is to contribute the efficiency of the judicial reforms in the […]

Peoples’ Expectations and Needs of Justice in Armenia

On 14 March an analytical report on peoples’ expectations and needs of justice in Armenia was presented. The research was conducted from May-December 2016 by the EU Justice Monitoring Project across the whole territory of Armenia. The report is based on comparative results of public perception and professional evaluation of the quality of justice and […]

“How to detect breakdowns of the rule of law? Citizen’s court watch program” training

Protection of Right without Borders NGO organized a training on “How to detect breakdowns of the rule of law? Citizen’s court watch program” on April 28-29, 2016 in Sevan.The training was conducted by Poland’s judicial supervision foundation experts Stanislaw Burdziej  and Bartosz pilitowski.Participants from Armenia, as well as from Georgia participated in the training.Participants represented […]

Trial-monitoring professionals exchange methodologies at OSCE/ODIHR annual meeting

More than fifty representatives from 30 non-governmental organizations and eight OSCE field operations exchanged experiences in applying trial-monitoring methodologies at the Annual Trial Monitoring Meeting, organized by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) between 26 and 28 November 2014 in Tbilisi, Georgia. During the meeting, participants also discussed challenges concerning access […]

Legislative and practical issues on the “Publicity of overseas trails”

The research was elaborated by the “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO with the support of the “Open Society Foundations-Armenia” Armenia. The necessity of conducting this research is conditioned by the common practice of extrajudicial hearings in the RA. Outside court hearings by the first instance courts of Armenia are conducted both in other courts […]

Enhancing women prisoners’ protection in Armenia

Since 15 October, “Protection of Rights without Borders’’ NGO has launched a new project, which is implemented with the support of Counterpart International Armenia and USAID, directed towards enhancing women prisoners’ protection in Armenia. The project intends to develop and introduce new monitoring criteria in Armenia based on legal reforms in line with UN 65/229 […]

Results of the study “Sentencing policy in RA”

The report was elaborated by the Protection of Rights without Border NGO with the support of the “Open Society Foundations-Armenia” Office. The report touches upon the research on the verdicts made on 2010, as well as the outcomes of the expertise interviews. The characteristic features of the Armenian punitive policy, legalities as well as the […]