Vacancy Announcement: Project Manager

Protection of Rights without Borders human right non-government organization (herein as the Organization) invites a candidate interested in human rights protection, judicial and governance reforms, experienced in project management to coordinate the projects and activities of the Organization. The candidate should have the relevant knowledge on the international commitments related to the human rights and […]

Announcement on police activities

“The Protection of Right without Borders” NGO expresses its concerns over the application of excessive force against the protestants, violence, illegal intervention to the citizens’ right to peaceful assembly and the illegal detention of the citizens during the protest against the Amuslar mine exploitation. On August 19 of 2019 the activists held a protest in […]

The demand of Civil society from Armenian authorities

July 17, 2019                                                                                                                Yerevan An organization, which does not have official access to the procedural, non-public, restricted documents of the Venice Commission, published the protocol part related to the Republic of Armenia, which was presented during the plenary session of the Venice Commission on July 15 of 2019. According to the highlights of […]

Announcement On the Problems Related to the Nomination of the Supreme Judicial Council Candidate

On June 7 of 2019, it was informed by “My Step” party, that Grigor Hovhannes Bekmezyan was nominated as a member of the Supreme Judicial Council. It was later confirmed by the candidate, that he was suggested becoming a member of the Supreme Judicial Council. According to the RA Constitution and RA Constitutional Law on […]

Announcement on the Harassment against the Open Society Foundations–Armenia

05 June, 2019   We, the undersigned civil society organizations, express our support to the activity of the Open Society Foundation active in the Republic of Armenia since 1997. We welcome the establishment of the necessary environment for the freedom of expression as a result of the Velvet Revolution in 2018. Nevertheless, during the last […]

The Decision to Discontinue the Proceeding Instituted in Regard to the Criminal Case on the Victims of Police Activities Has Been Appealed

On November 17 of 2018, the Protection of Rights without Borders NGO filed an appeal to the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan against the decisions made by the RA Special Investigation Service and Prosecutor General’s Office to discontinue the criminal case number 61205016, as well as to reject the appeal respectively in regard to […]

The decision made on the discontinuation of the proceeding instituted in regard to the citizens who suffered the ill treatment of the police activities on July 29 of 2016 in Sari Tagh has been appealed

On October 10 of 2018, “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO filed an appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office against the decision made on September 18 of 2018 to discontinue the proceeding of the criminal case number 61205016 instituted in the Special Investigation Service in regard to the citizens who suffered the ill treatment of […]

PRWB will undertake the Protection of the Victims

“Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO informs, that a criminal case based on the reports presented on the legal activities of the police during the period of April 13-24 of 2018 was instituted. The Organization applied to everybody, who suffered the ill treatmen of police including injuries as a result of use of special measures, […]