“The Law Neutralizes the Fundamental Principals of Criminal Proceedings”

According to Hasmik Harutyunyan, the expert of the Protection of Rights without Borders NGO, the legislative change in regard to the transfer and the examination of the judicial cases from one judge to another can be considered as “dangerous”.

As observed by the lawyer, vesting the judges of the Council with the authority to directly intervene in the judicial examination and placement of the cases not only does not stem from their authorities and objectives prescribed by the RA Constitution, but also carries a serious threat for the independence of the judges.

“The constant changes of the judicial code and especially of the system of subjecting the judges to disciplinary liability, as well as vesting the Supreme Judicial Council with monopoly powers do not stem from the independence and recovery objectives of the judiciary, moreover, has the threat to deepen the current problems” – states H. Harutyunyan.