The Response of the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Issues Raised by the PRWB

On December 24 of 2020, the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs filed the response to the letter submitted by the Protection of Rights without Borders NGO dated November 10 of 2020 on the misconception of the triliteral agreement signed between the partied, ceasefire regime announced in the conflict zone of Nagorno Karabakh.

The Organization submitted observations directed to a number of problems raised on the border positions taken by the Republic of Armenia and Republic of Azerbaijan after the announcement ceasefire of the armed conflict.


  • On the offensive activities by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces against the representatives of the RA Armed Forces and volunteers near the borders of Zangelan and Kubatlu regions, as a result of which a demand was submitted to leave the taken borders and withdraw to the Republic of Armenia.
  • On the offensive activities against the RA Defence Army Personnel located near Hin Tagher and Khtsaberd villages in Hadrut Region and on Dizapayt mountain respectively.

In the response statement, the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentioned that the Republic of Armenia and Russian Federation are consistently implementing the commitments undertaken by the relevant points of trilateral agreement, considering it as the main precondition for stabilizing the region.

In terms of the raised issues, the MFA stated, that the RA Prime Minister has already issued the relative clarifications through interviews and announcements as well as during the National Security Council sitting.

As for the crucial issues raised by the Organization directed to the measures to be taken to ensure the territorial integrity and the security interests, protection of close border settlements and their population, the latter remained with no answer.