The Criminal Case on “Electric Yerevan” was Once Again Suspended by the Special Investigation Service

On January 22 of 2020, the RA Special Investigation Service, for the second time, discontinued the criminal case number 62217915 instituted in regard to the citizens, who suffered the ill treatment of the Police during the civic initiative “No Robbery” organized against the increase of the electricity fees on June 12 of 2015.

The Special Investigation Service justified the decision on the discontinuation of the criminal case with the same evidence, that “the person to be engaged as the accused is unanimous”.

On February 10 of 2020, the decision on the discontinuing the criminal case was appealed to the RA Prosecutor General’s Office by the advocates of the Protection of Rights without Borders NGO, who were the representatives of the victims presented by the given case.

The Organization mentioned in the appeal, that the body in charge of conducting the proceeding did not carry out all the necessary and possible investigative and judicial activates, since in opposite conditions, the body in charge of conducting the proceeding could detect the persons, who should have been engaged in the given criminal case as victims.

By the decision made by the Prosecutor General’s Office on February 13 of 2020, the appeal to suspend the proceeding of the criminal case was rejected with the justification of the latter being groundless.

On March 20 of 2020, the advocates of the Organization appealed the decision made by the Prosecutor General’s Office in judicial order.

At the same time, on January 16 of 2020, a police official was accused of committing a publically dangerous crime, that, the latter holding the position of Deputy Head of the Fourth Operative-Investigative Department of the RA Police, being a high-ranking public official carrying out the functions of the authority, on June 23 of 2015 he exceeded his official duties, which was accompanied with application of violation. A decision to separate the current criminal case with another proceeding numbering 62201620 was adopted.

It is notable, that if it was possible for the body in charge of conducting the proceeding to involve the RA police official as an accused in the instituted criminal case and forward the criminal case with accusative conclusion to the court, therefore the body in charge of conducting the proceeding was reasonably able to detect all the RA police servicemen, who were responsible for applying violation against the victims, for the illegal restriction of their liberty and engage in the proceeding of the criminal case, since both the evidence of the victims, the videos and other evidence are available in the materials of the instituted criminal case. Moreover, the victims and the advocates protecting their interests submitted pictures and videos presenting the policemen and the police servicemen in civilian clothes, who subjected the victims to violation and to ill treatment, meanwhile, the body in charge of conducting the proceeding did not identify the policemen during the 5 years of investigation and did not initiate any investigative activities in this regard, including confrontation with the victim, presenting of the identification, etc. was not carried out.

It should be mentioned, the RA police applied special measure water cannon during the sitting of June 13 0f 2020, besides, the police workers and the people in civilian clothes applied violence against the participant of the demonstration, through detention, subjecting the latter to ill treatment, hindering the professional legal activities of the journalists covering the demonstration and the police activities, as well as damaging or destroying the video and audio equipment of the journalists.