A Call to Ensure the Implementation of Human Right Protection Obligations

On November 1 of 2019, the Protection of Rights without Borders NGO filed an application-recommendation to the President of the RA National Assembly, to the RA National Assembly fractions, to the RA National Assembly Standing Committees on Human Rights Protection and Public Affairs, on Economic Affairs respectively, to the RA Government.

The Organization recommended to organize parliamentary hearings related to the effective protection of the rights of the citizens, who suffered the ill treatment of police during the peaceful assemblies and demonstrations of June 23 of 2015, July 17-30 of 2016, April 16-23 of 2018 respectively.

The Organization urges journalists and all the interested people to join the initiative of the Organization to make the recorded mass human rights violations an issue of political agenda.

The Organization raised the mentioned issue in different international and domestic platforms, mentioning that the body in charge of conducting the proceeding has not conducted quality and efficient investigation and in this regard, the answers to the mentioned question is intended to receive from the bodies making political decisions.

The Organization carried out protection of the rights of the above mentioned people.

More than 300 people were involved as victims in the instituted criminal cases. The participants of the peaceful assemblies and marches were subjected to violence by the police officers and unanimous people by detention, subjecting the latter to inhumane treatment, keeping in the police station longer than as prescribed by the law, hindering the implementation of the professional activities of the journalists, applying special measures against them.

Within the scope of all the three cases, the preliminary investigative bodies suspended and restarted the criminal cases instituted within the scope of the above mentioned cases.

It is obvious, that the activities of the preliminary investigative body are efficient and in the outcomes of the preliminary investigation, the body in charge of conducting the proceeding respected the conclusion, that “people, who should be involved as the accused by the mentioned case were not detected in the outcomes of all the possible investigative and judicial activities” and based on the above mentioned justification, the restoration and protection of the rights of all the victims became impossible.

The activities of the body in charge of conducting the proceeding were appealed by the Organization in judicial order, however, the court did not define possible protection of rights for the victims as well.

We find, that other protection measures for the victims should also be discussed and in this regard implementation of the state’s obligation for human rights protection should be ensured.