The Discontinued Criminal Case on the Citizens who Suffered the Ill Treatment of Police on July 29 of 2016 Restarted

The RA Special Investigation Service informed by its letter dated August 30 of 2019, thatthe proceeding of the criminal case number 61205016 instituted in regard to the citizens who suffered the ill treatment of the police officers during the events of July 2016 in Sari Tagh,restarted.

The proceeding of the criminal case was discontinued for the first time on September 24 of 2018 with the justification “the person to be involved as accused is unanimous”.

The body in charge of conducting the proceeding recorded, that during the preliminary investigation of the caseall the necessary investigative and judicial activities were carried out, operative-investigativemeasures were respectively taken, as a result of which it was impossible to detect the persons who committed the crime.

It was impossible to also find out, whether the persons in civilian clothes, who committed certain crimes, acted upon the command of the police or not.

On October 9 of 2018, the decision to discontinue the criminal case was appealedto the Prosecutor General’s Office by the advocates of the Protection of Rights without Borders NGO, who are the representatives of the victims by the given case.

By the decision made on October 16 of 2018Prosecutor General’s Office rejected the appeal filed against the discontinuation of the proceeding of the criminal case.

On November 17 of 2018, the decision made by the Prosecutor General’s Officewas appealed in a judicial order.

On April 2 of 2019, Yerevan Court of General Jurisdiction rejected to eliminate the decision filed against the discontinuation of the criminal case by the RA Special Investigation Service and the proceedingby the Prosecutor General’s Office respectively.

On April 2 of 2019, the RA Criminal Court of Appeal filed an appeal against the decision made by the Yerevan Court of General Jurisdiction.