Announcement on police activities

“The Protection of Right without Borders” NGO expresses its concerns over the application of excessive force against the protestants, violence, illegal intervention to the citizens’ right to peaceful assembly and the illegal detention of the citizens during the protest against the Amuslar mine exploitation.

On August 19 of 2019 the activists held a protest in front of Baghramyan 26. The latter tried to close Baghramyan Avenue, but the Police restarted the traffic with the application of force and removed the participants.

During the protest, 6 citizens were brought to the Arabkir police station on the ground not obeying the legal requirement of the policeman[1].

The red beret police used excessive force against the environmentalists and the activists: gross human rights violations were recorded during the detention of the citizens.

The policemen used gross violation against human rights activist Zaruhi Hovhannisyan: the latter was thrown to the ground by policeman and excessive force was applied against her[2].

It should be mentioned, that each person has a right to peaceful assemblies and the exercise of that rights is also guaranteed by the Republic of Armenia. The freedom of assemblies is one of the grounds of democracy: the latter is considered the ground of the Velvet Revolution in Armenia in 2018, the participants of the peaceful assemblies’ fights against the illegalities through the assemblies.

In this context, any restriction against the freedom of assemblies is considered an attack against the revolution and the most important issues of human rights protection.

On August 19 of 2019, the closing of the National Assembly, the exercise of force and the activities by the Police are similar to the conduct of the previous authorities, which is an acceptable.

“The Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO urges the Police to restrain from such conduct and avoid the further possible violations of human rights.

It shall be remained, that the conduct of the police is more characteristic of the police being a enforcement body and contradicts with its mission of ensuring the protection of citizens’ rights and freedoms.