Stepan Grigoryan

The Representative of Stepan Grigoryan Applied to the National Assembly Investigative Commission Studying the Circumstances of April War

Haykuhi Harutyunyan, the representative of Stepan Grigoryan, politician, President of the Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation, filed a letter to Andranik Kocharyan, the President of the National Assembly Commission investigating the circumstances of the April war. Haykuhi Harutyunyan informed about the above mentioned during the judicial sitting on the case “Yuri Khachaturov against Stepan Grigoryan”.

The advocate particularly asked to announce whether the Commission will make the issue of Yuri Khachaturov’s participation in the military activities of April war a matter of discussion.

It should be mentioned, that Stepan Grigoryan announced the following during the interview to A1+ news agency.

“In case of Khachaturov, I am sure, that not only his role during the March event shall be investigated, but also his participation in April war of 2016. I have mentioned, that it is surprising for me, that a number of our general were in different places during the war and did not return to their offices quickly and second I recommend to check the accounts of the relatives of those generals before the April war and immediately after it, since the territories are not returned free. They are not naïve, neither we are. The return of territories are serious problems and everyone should be investigated. I recommended National Security Service to be in charge of conducting the investigation of Khachaturov case and now I am recommending the following: to check his and his relatives’ accounts for recent periods. Do you understand,  we don’t want them to think we are idiots, we understand that territories are not returned for free, the terretories were returned back in 2016, not due to the war that Azerbaijan took it back, since our youth, our army gave a counterattack, was ready to carry out punishing activities, they were not allowed, our authority did not allow it including also the generals. It turns out there are a lot of other things related to Khachaturov, that need clarifying”.

According to the applicant Khachaturov, according to the above mentioned expression it turns out, that Stepan Grigoryan accuses Khachaturov for the victims of April war and other general, that the latter gave our territories for money during the April war.

Grigor Bekmezyan was representing the interests of Yuri Khachaturov, but the latter is now a member of the Supreme Judicial Council. During one of the judicial sittings, while commenting the above mentioned expression of Stepan Griogoryan, Bekmezyan summarized, that Grigoryan accuses Yuri Khachaturov of state treason.

Anahit Sargsyan is now the representative of Khachaturov by the civil case. The latter made a statement, that while listening to the speech of Stepan Grigoryan, she can immediately understand that Yuri Khachaturov is the target of the criticism and the announcements made by Grigoryan are not of general nature.

The judicial sitting was delayed today and the next judicial court hearing was appointed on October 7.


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