The 10th Anniversary of the Protection of Rights without Borders NGO

On July 9 of 2019, the Protection of Rights without Borders NGO celebrates the 10th  annyversary of its establishment.

The Organization aims at the protection of human rights, strengthening the rule of law and good governance principals in Armenia.

The Organization is specialized in the implementation of programs directed to the rule of law, security sector and public administration: 23 programs were implemented in this regard.


The Organization has conducted monitorings on the judicial performance and the right to fair trail, activities of the prosecutor bodies and preliminary investigation bodies, electoral and pre-electoral procedures, security sector.

The judicial monitoring was the key activity within the Organization’s overall activities. In this regard, long term and systematic thematic judicial monitoring were conducted, including administrative justice, military crimes, evaluation of judicial performance.

Monitoring on the activities of the Highest Judicial Council and the Justice Council ensuring the independence of the judiciary was conducted by the Organization.

Monitoring on the activities of the security sector, including armed forces, law enforcement bodies, penitentiary system were also conducted by the Organization.

For the first time in Armenia, a research was conducted by the Organization, which aimed at the evaluation of the protection of rights of the detainees from the perspective of policy efficiency elaborated and implemented by the state.

The Organization also conduced projects directed towards the establishment of independent monitoring mechanisms of the public administration reforms.

The Organization also conducted a monitoring on the implementation of the action plan undertaken by the state regarding the international commitments, as well as presented alternative opinions and observations on the draft laws on human rights.

The alternative reports, observations and evaluations are adopted by a number of international organizations (Council of Europe, Venice Commission, U.S. State Department, United Nations Bodies, Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and are used as a reliable source of information.


The Organization conducted thematic researches on the mental health, probation system in Armenia, penitentiary system problems, protection of children rights, characteristics of early conditional release and other sectors.

Free Legal Consultancy and Judicial Representativeness

Since 2013, the Organization provided free legal consultancy regarding the violation of human rights. During the last three years, the Organization conducted 800 cases, on the ground of which the latter conducted judicial representativeness using other mechanisms for the protection of interests.

Since 2009, the Organization documenting and coordinating human rights violations, filed 70 case to the European Court of Human Rights, including the cases;

  • 7 applications of the citizens, who suffered the ill treatment of the Police during the “Electric Yerevan” Movement against the raise of the electricity fee on June 23 of 2015,
  • 32 applications of the citizens, who suffered the ill treatment of the Police during the July cases of Yerevan on July 17 of 2016,
  • 19 applications of the citizens, who suffered the ill treatment of the Police and the law enforcement bodies during the democratic movement taking place in Armenia within the period of April 16 to April 23 of 2018.

Within the period of April 2 of 2016 to April 5 of 2019, the Organization lawyers in partnership with a number of other lawyers file 359 complaint-application to the European Court of Human Rights regarding the protection of rights of the citizens and soldiers during the four day April War.

Awareness Raising and Education Activities

The Organization initiated activities directed towards the awareness raising of the rule of law through organizing trainings, elaboration and dissemination of support materials.

The Organization implemented projects also directed towards the human rights education for judges, prosecutors and lawyers.

For the first time in Armenia, human rights training courses were elaborated and conducted for officer and commander staff of the RA Armed Forces, as well as for the representatives of military institutions. The course “Human Rights” was elaborated and established in the military education institutions of Armenia.


The Organization employees participated in the OSCE “Annual Conferences on the Exercise of Human Rights”, where the exercise of rule of law principals was highlighted among other problems.

The Organization is a member of a number of local and international organizations, networks and social committees. Haykuhi Harutyunyan, the President of the Organization has been the coordinator of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum on “Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance and Sustainability” since 2016.

In 2018, Hasmik Harutyunyan, the legal expert of the Organization was elected as the President of the Public Monitoring Group Conducting Oversight at the Penitentiary Institutions under the RA Ministry of Justice.

In 2019, Haykuhi Harutyunyan was the winner in the category “Access to Justice” during the Universal Rights Award 2018 for her exclusive efforts directed towards the transparency, rule of law and ensuring justice for all the citizens of the Republic of Armenia.