Announcement on the Harassment against the Open Society Foundations–Armenia

05 June, 2019


We, the undersigned civil society organizations, express our support to the activity of the Open Society Foundation active in the Republic of Armenia since 1997.

We welcome the establishment of the necessary environment for the freedom of expression as a result of the Velvet Revolution in 2018.

Nevertheless, during the last days, a group a citizens have been constantly protesting near the office of the Open Society Foundations, the nature, the harassments against the police keeping the public order, the threatening against the employees of the Foundation, the demonstrations of hate speech and violence of which are unacceptable from the perspective of human rights protection.

The dissemination of the false and forged information and the evaluations on their ground are useless attempts to humiliate the human rights protection, the role and essence of the civil society organizations in the formation process of accountable and transparent governance and where the Open Society Foundations – Armenia has its own contribution.

Moreover, such protest movements lead to the limitations of the freedom of associations, which contradicts the principals of democracy and legal state. It is also worth mentioning, that its already a few days that the proper activities of the Foundation is not ensured.

We urge the law enforcement bodies to take measures to maintain the public order and to ensure the secure movements of its employees and visitors, as well as prevent the possible harassment against their lives, health and property.


  1. “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO
  2. “Informed Citizens Union” NGO
  3. “Regional Studies Center” NGO
  4. “Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation” NGO
  5. “Asparez” Journalists Club”” NGO
  6. “Helsinki Group of Spitak” NGO
  7. “Public Agenda” NGO
  8. “Women Support Cenre” NGO
  9.  “International Association of Lawyers and Psychologists” NGO
  10.   “Public Journalists Club” NGO
  11. “Yerevan Press Club” NGO
  12.   “Armenian Innocence Project” NGO
  13. “Transparency International” Anticorruption Center
  14.   “KhoranArd” Intellectual Club
  15. “Tatevik” NGO
  16.    “Society without Violence” NGO
  17. Civil-Youth Centre of Armavir
  18. “Youth Avangarde” Public Interest Protection NGO
  19.    “PINK” NGO
  20.    “Human Rights House” Yerevan
  21. “Armavir Development Center” NGO
  22. “Martuni Women Council” NGO
  23. “Human Rights Research Centre” NGO
  24.   “Peace Dialogue” NGO
  25. “Journalism for Human Rights” NGO
  26.   “Fermida” NGO
  27. “New Generation” NGO
  28. “EcoNews” Informative NGO
  29. “Tax Payers and Businessmen Rights Protection” NGO
  30.   “Real World, Real People” NGO
  31. “Goris Press Club” NGO
  32. “Armenian Helsinki Committee” NGO
  33. “Helsinki Citizens Assembly Vanadzor Office” NGO
  34.  “Human Right Development and Protection Foundation”
  35.   “Rule of Law” NGO
  36.  “National Center of Public Policy Research” NGO
  37. “Community Initiatives and Advocacy Center” NGO
  38.   “Non-Discrimination and Equality Coalition”
  39. “Media Diversity Institute” NGO
  40.  “Urban” Foundations
  41. “Investigative Journalists” NGO
  42.   “Unison” NGO
  43. “Armenian Progressive Youth” NGO
  44. “Europe in Law Association” NGO
  45. “Women Resource Centre” NGO
  46.  “Agate Rights Defence Centre For Women With Disabilities” NGO
  47.  “Shogher Union” Social-Educational NGO
  48. “Society without Violence” NGO
  49. “Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression” NGO
  50.  “Restart” NGO
  51.  “Women’s’ Rights House” NGO
  52.  “Free Citizen Civic Initiative Support Centre” NGO
  53. “Children’s Society” Youth Initiatives Support Centre
  54.  “Lore Eco-Club” NGO
  55. “Consumers’ Consulting Center” NGO
  56. “European Students’ Forum Association” NGO
  57. “For Equal Rights” NGO
  58. “CPI” Armenian Human Rights Protection NGO
  59. “Advanced Public Research Group” NGO
  60.  “Golden Apricot Movie Development Foundation
  61. “Angel” Social Cultural-Educational NGO
  62. “Ecoteam” NGO
  63.  Coalition to Stop Violence against Women
  64.  “Legal Research and Development Centre” NGO
  65. Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center
  66. Communities Finance Officers Association
  67. “Helsinki Association” human rights NGO
  68. “Mandate” NGO
  69. “Yezidi Center for Human Rights”