The Special Investigation Service Restarted the Discontinued Criminal Case on “Electric Yerevan”

The Special Investigation Service informed by its letter dated April 30 of 2019, that the criminal case number 62217915 shall be started on the ground of discontinuation.

Within the scope of the criminal case number  62217915, the lawyers of the Protection of Rights without Borders NGO on behalf of 7 victims filed an appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office on March 14 of 2019 against the decision made in regard to discontinuing the proceeding instituted at the Special Investigation Service in regard to the criminal case.

As of May 1 of 2019, no decision, in a line with the order of the RA Criminal Procedural Code, from the Prosecutor General’s Office was received, where the justifications to eliminate the decision made in regard to the discontinuation of the criminal cases shall be mentioned. The relevant justifications were not also mentioned in the letter received from the RA Special Investigation Service.

On May 2 of 2019, the Organization applied to the Prosecutor General’s Office asking to provide the decision made in regard to the appeal on March 14 of 2019.

It should be mentioned, the Police used special measures during the sit-in of June 23 of 2015, besides the policemen used physical violence against the participants of the peaceful assemblies through subjecting the latter to inhumane treatment, hindering the professional activities of the journalists covering the demonstrations and the police activities, as well as damaging the video and audio equipment of the journalists.

For more than 4 years, a preliminary investigation has been carried out at the Special Investigation Service to evaluate the legality of the police activities and subject the alleged guilty to liability.

On March 4 of 2019, the Special Investigation Service made the decision to discontinue the decision in regard to the criminal case number 62217915. The investigator justified its decision, that “in the outcomes of all the investigative and judicial activities the people, who should be engaged as accused by the given cases, were not detected, therefore the proceeding of the given criminal case is subject to discontinuation…”.