The Court rejected the complaint against the decision on suspencion of criminal case filed by the persons injured in Sari Tagh on 29 July 2016

On April 2 of 2019, the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan, chaired by Judge V. L. Grigoryan, rejected to eliminated the complaint on the discontinuation of the criminal cases instituted by the RA Special Investigation Service.

The Protection of Rights without Borders NGO undertook the protection of the rights of the citizens, who suffered the ill treatment of the Police on July 29 of 2016. On November 17 of 2018, the advocate of the Organization appealed the decision on the discontinuation of the criminal cases regarding the legality of the Police activities instituted by the RA Special Investigation Service.

According to the decision made by the RA Special Investigation Service, the proceeding of the criminal case was discontinued due to the reason, that “the person subject to be involved is unanimous”.

As stated by the Organization representative, the preliminary investigation body did not take sufficient and comprehensive measures directed towards the elimination of the violation of the rights of the peaceful assembly participants, particularly:

  • The circumstance, why the police used special measures against the participants of the peaceful assembly, was not a subject to investigation,
  • Why did the police not stop the provocateurs and their activities during the demonstrations,
  • Why did the police not remove or intervene the physical violence caused to the protest participants in their presence,
  • Why did the police not follow the peaceful assembly participants and provide them medical assistance after the application of special measures.

On April 2 of 2019, the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan published only the conclusion of the decision. Upon the receipt of the full decision, the Organization appealed the latter to the RA Court of Appeal.

The Organization stated in its appeal, that the body in charge of conducing the proceeding did not give a proper evaluation to the issue of the necessity and legality of the application of the special measures by the policemen on July 29 of 2016 in Sari Tagh and Khorenatsi street.

It should also be mentioned, that 32 complaints regarding the July events of 2016 (July 18-30), including also on behalf of the victims of July 29 of 2016 were filed to the European Court of Human Rights, from which 28 complaints were registered.

Particularly, the cases of violence and ill treatment are presented in the complaints under Article 3 of the Convention (restriction to torture), illegal detention by the police under Article 5, the illegal restriction of the information under Article 10, freedom of expression under Article 11 of the Convention, as well as the issue of the lack of efficient protection of all the four cases in the judiciary of the Republic of Armenia under the light of Article 13 of the Convention, that is right to the effective legal protection.