The Special Investigation Service Suspended the Criminal Case Instituted in Regard to People, Who Suffered the Police Activities on July 29 of 2016

According to the letter received from the Special Investigation Service on September 24 of 2018, the criminal case instituted in regard to the people, who were subjected to violence by unknown people during the demonstrations of “Sari Tagh” on July 29 of 2016, has been suspended.

By the data provided by the Special Investigation Service, the proceeding of the criminal case was discontinued on the grounds “the identification of the accused is unknown”.

At the same time, according to the Special Investigation Service, the necessary investigative and operative-investigative measures directed towards the detection of all the circumstances of the cases, as well as the identifications of other persons to start an investigation have been taken.

It should be mentioned, that the criminal case number 61206016 was instituted as a result of the violation case against the citizens during the events of Sari Tagh on July 29 of 2016.

According to the media and witnesses, the violation against the citizens was carried out by the policemen in civilian clothes or by the people under the sponsorship of Police.

Nevertheless, for two years, the body in charge of conducting the proceeding could not detect the identification of the people, who committed the crime.

Letter Special Investigation Service on September 24 of 2018