Announcement on the Preconditions of Organising Free and Fair Elections

Prior to the elections of the Council of the Elders of Yerevan City, we, the undersigned organizations reaffirm the importance of preconditions directed towards the insurance of organizing free and fair elections, about which it was announced back in April of 2018.

According to the democratic criteria, in order to organize free and transparent elections,  legislative regulations ensuring the equal competition, authority without misusing the public recourses, Central Electoral Commission properly organizing and monitoring the election processes, Television and Radio Commission ensuring the competitive broadcasting of the electoral processes, law enforcement bodies efficiently fighting against the electoral violations, as well as independent courts properly examining the electoral arguments are needed.

In addition to this, public trust towards the above mentioned bodies is an important precondition in order to consider the election results legitimate.

We are sure, that the solution of the above mentioned issues is necessary and urgent in order to raise the public trust towards the electoral procedures and election results.

We urge the Heads of the Central Electoral Commission and the National Television and Radio Commission to review the issue of their participation in the respective commissions and reject the positions for the recovery of public trust towards the elections.