The ECHR will Soon Examine the Case of Andreas Ghukasyan

According to the letter received on March 21 of 2018, the European Court of Human Rights informed that the case of Andreas Ghukasyan will soon be examined.

The Court asked the Applicants representatives to present information with the respective evidence until April 11 of 2018, on the violation of Applicant’s Convention rights, as well as information on the exhaustion of domestic remedies.

It should be mentioned, that on February 23 of 2018, the European Court of Human Rights registered the application submitted on behalf of Andreas Ghukasyan, member of the “New Armenia” opposition movement.

For the first time violation of Article 18 of the Convention is raised in the application submitted against Armenia. This Article provides limitation on use of restrictions on rights.

The ECHR gave a priority to the complaint-application of Andreas Ghukasyan (The Rule of the European Court of Human Rights, Rule 41), which assumed, that the Court should address questions regarding the violations to the RA Government more speedily.

However, after more than 12 months, the Court did not address questions to the RA Government.

A number of civil society organizations, expressing their concerns in this regard, issued a statement on March 10 of 2016, by urging the ECHR to demonstrate consistency and responsibility towards the examination of the cases with political context, moreover, when a priority order for the examination of those cases has been established.

It should be reminded, that Andreas Ghukasyan, along with other 8 people was accused for organizing of and participating in the mass disorders on July 29 of 2017. But, currently only A. Ghukasyan is being subjected to criminal persecution for the above mentioned accusation: detention as a preventive measure applied against Andreas Ghukasyan has not been changed despite a number of motions, he continues to be under arrest.


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