Armen Sargsyan will Assume the Position of the President of the Republic of Armenia with the Gross Violations of the Constitution

“Establishing certain census in the requirements for the political positions during the elections, including local self-government elections, as well as the requirement of citizenship means that the satisfaction of the requirement even in an informal way and having a document that will confirm that the person is a citizen of the given state, but in terms of its content, the person should have resided within the territories of the given state to be aware of the problems in the state for the solutions of which the latter offers his candidacy, as well as inspire confidence. Particularly, in case of the candidate for the new president, the first condition does not exists, thus now we deal with a reality where an alleged person has not lived in the Republic of Armenia for a long time: whether the fact of absence of residency in Armenia is not enough to eliminate the candidacy of such person from the agenda” – mentioned Haykuhi Harutyunan during an interview to the “First News” channel touching upon the disclosures made by the investigative journalists, according to which in a line with the report presented by the British company registry “Companies House” Armen Sargsyan, the candidate of the RA President back in June of 2014 was a citizen of the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, it should be mentioned, that according to the new Constitution, the President of the Republic of Armenia can be elected everyone having attained the age of forty, having held citizenship of only the Republic of Armenia for the preceding six years, having been permanently residing in the Republic of Armenia for the preceding six years, having the right of suffrage and having command of the Armenian language.

In this context, Haykuhi Harutyunyan also added: “From legal prospective, yes, we deal with a reality, where we initially nominate a candidate for the position of the President of the Republic of Armenia with violations, who shall be elected by the National Assembly with a mechanisms established by the new Constitution. We does not have other alternative to affect that and in this reality we accept the gross violation of the Constitution”.

As evaluated by Haykuhi Harutyunyan, should we have a president, who assumed his position initially with the violations, the confidence towards his further activities at least as an Armenian citizen disappears”.

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