The life sentenced detainee filed an application for early conditional release.

“Protection of Rights without Borders” non-governmental organization has undertaken the protection of the citizen Yuri Sargsyan’s rights, sentenced to life imprisonment, who has been proposed for early conditional release.

The previous court hearing on the case chaired by Judge Artush Gabrielyan has been delayed, since the advocate has not been notified about the court hearing.

The outgoing court hearing held at the Nubarashen Penitentiary Institution under the RA Ministry of Justice on February 23 of 2018 has been postponed because of the absence of the Independent Commission’s representative.

It should be mentioned, that the outgoing court hearing was held at the office of the Deputy Head of the Nubarashen Penitentiary Institute, where the independence of the court and the equality of the parties was not ensured.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned circumstance, advocate Araks Melkonyan filed a mediation to hold the next court hearing at the court hall for the court session. The mediation was satisfied by the Judge.