Nana Muradyan

The court session was appointed on March 14 of 2018, at 14:30 PM.

On March 20 of 2017, the “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO applied to the RA Administrative Court of Appeals to appeal the decision N ՎԴ/2326/05/16 on the grounds of violating the substantive and procedural norms.

By the decision made by the Administrative Court, the claim of Nana Muradyan against the RA Police on the recognition of the police activities as illegal regarding the violation of the applicant’s rights to freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, as well as refraining from the degrading, inhumane treatment, was rejected.

The Court recorded, that the Police demonstrated legal attitude towards the applicant, noting that the claim of N. Nuradyan is not grounded regarding the fact that the activities of the policemen led to the illegal interference with the applicant’s right to the freedom of assembly, the right to the freedom of expression.

The Administrative Court cited the legal regulations as prescribed by the Article 19 of RA Law on “Freedom of Assembly” according to which, the assemblies should not be organized at such distance from the residencies of the President of the Republic of Armenia, National Assembly, Government, courts or penitentiary institutions in case of which the latter may threaten their normal activities.

It should be mentioned, that on January 21 of 2016, between 11:00-12:00 PM, the applicant was trying to express her opinion and complaint at Baghramyan 26 address, but the policemen without presenting any legal ground prohibited the applicant to realize her intentions. By dragging the applicant, the policemen forcedly “removed” Nana Muradyan, as well as the other parents of soldiers who died in the army during peaceful conditions, from the gates of the Presidential Palace.

During the demonstrations, the parents of the killed soldiers received the response to their letter dated July 7 of 2015 from the Citizen’s Reception Department of the President’s Staff, in which they asked to create an acting committee to investigate the cases of their children.

By dragging the applicant, the policemen forcedly “removed” Nana Muradyan, as well as the other parents of soldiers from the gates of the Presidential Palace.

It should be mentioned, that as stated by the five parents of the soldiers who died in peaceful conditions in the army, the conducted investigation regarding the cases of their sons did not find out the real circumstances and reasons of their deaths. It’s been years, they have been conducting protests near the Government, National Assembly, but the problems have not yet received solution.

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