Reference on “Actions Taken by Legal Team of Independent Observer’ Public Alliance during and after National Assembly Elections”

During the observation of the elections of April 2, 2017 by the ‘Independent Observer’ Public Alliance, the observers and Alliance member organizations were assisted by 27 lawyers.

On the election day, the observers recorded over 3058 alerts on frauds and reported 205 of the cases to the legal team. On 205 alerts received from the observers, the lawyers provided verbal consultations and drafted relevant written documents, applications, complaints, suggestions and crime reports. Accordingly, the alerts may be classified into the groups below: – Calls seeking consultation (interpretation of a provision, procedure established by law, settlement of a situation, etc.); – Alerts on violations of the voting procedure that observers could not cope with independently; – Violations of observer’s rights; – Information on obvious elements of crime.

In cases related to seeking consultation or procedural violations and/or violations of observers’ rights, the lawyers tried to find a rapid response mechanism to remove the problems, i.e. to solve them on the spot, which they achieved by providing advice on the procedure established by law, phone talks with chairpersons of election commissions and in several cases by calling the hotlines of the district election commissions and police. And in cases the issues raised by the observers concerned information on crimes and there were certain relevant evidence available, crime reports were prepared and submitted to the RA Police and RA Prosecutor General’s Office and published on HCA Vanadzor’s website:

As for alerts on the actions or inaction or lawfulness of the decisions of the district election commissions that could not be solved by calls, consultation or any other means, in such cases relevant applications, complaints or suggestions were submitted to the competent election commissions. For details see the reference.

Reference on Actions Taken by Legal Team of Independent Observer’ Public Alliance during and after National Assembly Elections