Report Amnesty International “Excessive use of force by police in July” 2016/2017

ARMENIA 2016/2017 Police used excessive force to suppress largely peaceful demonstrations in the capital, Yerevan, in July. Hundreds of individuals were arbitrarily arrested. Many reported being injured, beaten or otherwise ill-treated during the arrest and while in detention. Background The year was marked by economic and political volatility, and growing security concerns linked to the […]

The video report on “Unpunished Crime” is being presented

The video report on “Unpunished Crime” is being presented, where the human rights violation during the period of July 17-30 of 2016 are presented. The stories of 60 citizens subjected to violence are included in the video report. The “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGo provided legal aid/assistance to the citizens and journalists who were […]

Open letter On the Possible Closure of the OSCE Office in Yerevan

15, February 2017 Lamberto Zanier Secretary General Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Wallnerstrasse 6 A-1010 Vienna Austria Your Excellency Mr. Zanier, The OSCE Office in Yerevan (hereafter also referred to as the Office) has been established based on the July 22, 1999 decision of the OSCE Permanent Council and started its operation […]

Complaints against Azerbaijan on the crimes committed in april were submitted to the ECHR

A group of lawyers and human rights defenders submitted a number of complain-applications to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on the violation of the rights of citizens and soldiers of Nagorno Karabakh Rebublic during the combat operations started by Azerbaijan within the period of April 2-5 April of 2016 on the Kharabakh-Azerbaijan contact […]

Mothers of Dead Armenian Soldiers Spat at, Dragged by Police Officers

Police officers today used excessive force against the mothers of soldiers who died in Armenia’s armed forces in non-combat incidents; the women had gathered outside the main government building on Thursday morning with the intention of meeting defense minister Vigen Sargsyan and requesting a meeting appointment with him; however, the guards tried to forcibly make […]

Russian-Israeli Blogger Extradited To Azerbaijan Over Karabakh Trips

Belarus handed over to Azerbaijan late on Tuesday a Russian-Israeli blogger who was arrested in Minsk in December because of his past visits to Nagorno-Karabakh. Photographs released by Azerbaijani media showed masked and heavily armed men clad in camouflage fatigues escorting Lapshin out of an Azerbaijani plane moments after it landed in Baku. The extradition […]

EAP CSF Armenian National Platform statement

STATEMENT ON THE PROPAGANDA INCREASING TENSION IN ARMENIAN-AZERBAIJANI RELATIONS Armenian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) Civil Society Forum (CSF) expresses its deep concern over the intensification of propaganda and lobbying activities by the Azerbaijani authorities aimed at paralyzing the negotiation process over the settlement of Karabakh conflict and ruling out any opportunity of […]

The “Institute of subcommittees” is eliminating

As shown by the outcomes of the statistical analysis, the number of the prisoners released on conditional basis is decreasing year by year. The Government of Armenia came to such conclusion and presented a draft decree on the removal of Article 1 of the HO-49-N from the draft laws on Making Amendments and Supplements to […]