Open letter

To the Minister of Health of Armenia

Armen Muradyan

We hereby address to you by expressing our concern in regard to diagnosis and treatment of citizens who were victims as a result of explosives used against the peaceful protestors during the period of 29-30, July, 2016.

During the period of August 1-3 we met citizens, receiving treatment in different medical centers in regard of which we express our concerns and expect the urgent solutions for those.

First: diagnosis of the injuries of citizens who were injured.

Up to this day, the injured citizens and their family members have not been informed about the injuries and they have not been diagnosed. This circumstance is very important for the evaluation of the reasons for causing each citizen’s injuries and setting the relevant sanctions during the investigation carried out by the investigative body.

We ask you to ensure appropriate control, so that the injuries of the citizens are classified accurately, according to severreness and seriousness, are diagnosed and be provided to the citizens.

Two: treatment expenses
Citizens receiving treatment and their family members are worried, since they do not have clear information who will pay the treatment expenses.

In this regard, we ask you to ensure, that all the citizens who were victims as a result of the police activities receive free medical treatment.  We request to declare about it to the citizens receiving treatment and their family member.

Third: psychological assistance
The citizens, who were victims as a result of police activities, have a sense of fear and anxiety. The doctors, providing specialized medical care support also declared about this.

We hereby, address you asking to provide psychological specialized assistance to the injured citizens to eliminate the fear, anxiety and other complexes.

Thank you in advance

President of the “Protection of rights without borders”

Haykuhi Harutyunyan


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