Announcement on the Individuals Affected by the Police Activities during July 17-30, 2016

“Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO urges that the citizens affected by the police activities during July 17-30 of 2016 are being subjected to prosecution. The citizens, who suffered the illegal activities of the police during July 17-30, 2016 and are called to the RA Special Investigation Service or Investigative Committee as witnesses, are being […]

The Operator of the Founding Parliament will remain under Detention (Video)

Vahagn Ghumashyan, the operator of the Founding Parliament will be detained. Today, the Criminal Court of Appeal remained unchanged the decision made by the First Instance Court. Vagan Ghumashyan, who was detained 24 days ago is accused of applying violence against the authority representatives during the mass disorders. As mentioned by his defender Haykuhi Harutyunyan, […]

Armenia Sacks Yerevan Police Chief

The police chief of Yerevan, Armenia’s capital city, was sacked this week. The sudden dismissal of Ashot Karapetyan was due to his “failing to prevent violent attacks on protesters and journalists” during protests in late July, Armenian authorities announced. The same day, authorities also reprimanded 13 other officers, and just three days earlier, another five […]

Joint meeting with representatives of the Armenian civil society organisations

On 16 August, the Acting Head of EU Delegation Ms Andrea Chalupova and the new Deputy Head of the US Embassy Mr Rafik Mansour held a joint meeting with representatives of the Armenian civil society organisations. The organisations shared their assessment of the recent developments in Armenia, including their concerns related to human rights violations, […]

During the Clashes in Sari Tagh the Policemen were under the Influence of Psychoactive Drugs

“During the World War 2, the amphetamine and methamphetamine were widely used by the armed forces of the United State, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan as stimulants and activates. When the characteristics of amphetamine were discovered be as addictive means, their sale was strictly controlled. managed to detect, that the people in the video […]

The Special Investigation Service decided to “punish” the policemen who hindered the journalists’ activities during the Electric Yerevan protests

A charge brought against two police officers for preventing the journalists’ professional actions and causing large amount of property damage During the preliminary investigation in RA Special investigation Service on the incident of apparent use of force coupled with the abuse of official position, the prevention of journalist’s professional legal actions through the use of […]

“Beaten, burnt and betrayed” report on protests in Yerevan during 17-30 July was published

Today, International Partnership for Human Rights in partnership with Norwegian Helsinki Committee and several other human rights organizations in Armenia presented analysis on basic violations of human rights during July 17-30 peaceful protests in Yerevan. The report contains information obtained as a result of the fact-finding work during July 28 to August 1 in Yerevan. […]

The visit of the US ambassador and EU responsible on political issues to the NGO Protection of rights without borders.

The visit of the US ambassador and EU responsible on political issues to the NGO Protection of rights without borders. On August 5 2016 the US ambassador Richard Mills and the EU responsible on political issues Andrea Chalupova visited the NGO “Protection of rights without borders”. During the meeting discussion the ambassador asked about the […]

Steering Committee Demands Immediate Release of Steering Committee Member Hovsep Khurshudyan

The Steering Committee deplores the arrest of Hovsep Khurshudyan, a member of the Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, amidst the protests on the night of 29-30 July 2016 in Yerevan. The authorities should drop charges of organizing mass disorder accompanied with violence under Article 225 of the Criminal Code against Mr […]