Announcement on the Gross Violations of Rule of Law and Human Rights

On July 17 of 2016, in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, a group of people entered the building of Erebuni police station as a protest against the injustice in the country, where the latter presented their demands and conditions to the police.

On the same day, the RA National Security Service published an official announcement, that “information that an armed protest has begun, buildings have been captured is not in a line with reality. The state agencies function according to their normal regime and the law enforcement agencies properly implement their duties as prescribed by the respective legislation”.

Despite the announcement published by the RA National Security Council, the Police, in response to the activities of the citizens, carried out mass violations and illegitimacies against the citizens.

Particularly, the right of the citizens to the freedom of movement was limited, in particular, the policemen stopped and examined the cars, as well as the citizens on the highway to Yerevan.

Without any legitimate ground and legal documents, the citizens were detained to the police stations located in Vanadzor, Yerevan and Gyumri. The family members of the “captured” citizens are in uncertainty and panic, since they do not have information about their relatives for more than 10 hours.

The citizens of Yerevan were moved to Ejmiatsin police station and the other citizens were taken to the administrative building of police troops, were it is not legally allowed to keep citizens. The released citizens, who were kept for more than 10 hours, tell that the policemen simply “captured” them from street, without informing the latter where and why they are being taken to. In the administrative building of the police troops, the citizens were subjected to beating and other physical violence. According to the information of the released citizens, approximately 100 citizens were detained. The detained citizens were prohibited to see their advocate and did not have a chance to enter the police stations. Such gross violation of human rights and the negligent attitude of the Police towards the law is unacceptable, regardless the accident, moreover, when the authorities announce and confirm, and that the situation in under control and the natural process of activities is being carried out.

We urge the

RA authorities and RA Police to act in accordance with the human rights principals and strictly maintain the requirements of the RA legislation,

International organizations and international community to define control in regard to the events taking place in Armenia to exclude the further human rights violations.


Protection of Rights without Borders NGO, July 18 of 2018.