Evaluation Report “The Perspectives of the RA Penitentiary System Reform: Establishment of Probation System”

The elaboration of the current evaluation report has been conducted by the “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO with the support of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe “OSCE” Yerevan Office.

The concept of probation service establishment in the RA and the current reforms of the criminal legislation were the grounds for this research. The evaluation aims at the data collection of the penitentiary system reform and evaluation of their possible influence on the penitentiary system reform.

The latter is aimed at addressing the following issues

  • what main approaches are adhered to reform the penitentiary system,
  • to what extend the later meet the international standards,
  • to what extend are the recommended reforms and particularly the probation system realistic and to what extend the latter address the current problems in the sector,
  • which are the risks in the concept of probation service.

Evaluation Report on “The Prospective of Penitentiary System Reforms in the Republic of Armenia; Establishment of Probation Service in Armenia”

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