Court Monitoring

Court Monitoring is the priority area of PRWB’s activities. It serves as a powerful tool for civil society to measure the compliance of Armenian judicial practice with national and international standards. This type of activity helps evaluate the functioning of the judicial system, identify areas in need of reforms, as well as determine the nature of these reforms. At the same time, as a manifestation of the right to public trial, court monitoring contributes to the efficiency and transparency of court proceedings.

So far the organization has completed three court monitoring projects, namely “Monitoring of the RA Administrative Justice’’, “Trial Monitoring on Military Crimes’’ and “Monitoring on the Quality and Efficiency of the Execution of the Right to Defense in the Context of Public Defense. Since January 2013, the organization has initiated “ Promoting Judicial Reforms in Armenia’’ project, the components of which include court monitoring in the Civil court of Appeal and Court of Appeal of Armenia.