Promoting human rights in security sector

Since July 24 2014 “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO, in cooperation with OSCE office in Yerevan, is implementing “Promoting Human Rights in Security Sector” program.

The project is directed towards enhancement of human rights protection in Security Sector in Armenia. The project is aimed at promoting human rights in military police, military corps through special trainings on human rights. It will develop capacities of military police and deputy commanders of military personal. Within the project special training sessions will be organized in Yerevan and in regions of the RA for the military police and deputy commanders for military staff. It will not only advance servicemen’s knowledge of human rights, but will also help them develop practical skills in executing these rights. Various creative and interactive teaching methods will be used in the course of the training, such as teamwork exercises and games, analysis of real-life criminal cases and moot courts.

In addition to presenting national and international human right standards, each training course of the program aims at clarifying the duties of the members of military staff in relation to the implementation of these standards.

The second part of the project is envisaged to conduct the gap analysis of the current criminal justice reforms of the RA to reveal to what extent the reforms will address the problems on the penitentiary system. This will include the Concept of the Probation service, the Draft proposal on the improvements of the early conditional realize, the Concept of the Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedural Law. This study will bring all existing amendments on criminal justice system, especially concept of the Criminal Code, the amendments on early conditional realize, the concept of the probation system in Armenia in one place, will compare and will evaluate the provisions under the light of criminal justice reform. For the relevant analyze and evaluation the special methodology, benchmarks and standards will be developed by the experts. Based on established benchmarks the special instruments and measurement tools will be designed to obtain data on research topics through interviews, examination of documents and etc. The interviews will be carried out with the representatives of Ministry of Justice, Penitentiary institutions, NGOs, practitioners, experts who worked on the concepts.

For the final evaluation the opinions of the independent experts will be studied to define the gaps and lacunas in the proposed amendments. Meantime, the research will measure the resources needed for the realization of the concepts in two main levels-legislation and practice (human resources, capacities, finances).

The study results will serve as a guide for all interested local and international parties to lead the reform procedure in Armenia.