Enhancing women prisoners’ protection in Armenia

Since 15 October, “Protection of Rights without Borders’’ NGO has launched a new project, which is implemented with the support of Counterpart International Armenia and USAID, directed towards enhancing women prisoners’ protection in Armenia. The project intends to develop and introduce new monitoring criteria in Armenia based on legal reforms in line with UN 65/229 resolution and Penal Reform International’s implementation guidelines. Within the framework of the project, the organization will also examine the legal and practical foundations for the implementation of alternative sentencing policies with regard to women prisoners.

The lack of legal and practical criteria for gender-sensitive treatment of women prisoners lies at the basis of this project.
The project intends to identify Armenia’s practice in terms of the treatment and detention of women prisoners via monitoring and, based on the findings, develop new monitoring criteria, methodology and monitoring guidelines. It also aims at conducting training for representatives of NGO, Mass Media and members of monitoring groups.

Simultaneously, through conducting a comparative analysis of national legislation and international criteria, the organization will develop recommendations for legislative amendments which will be presented to the RA National Assembly as a result of a discussion with competent officials.

Within the scope of the project, the NGO will also implement a monitoring of cases involving women defendants, the aim of which is to study Armenia’s practice with regard to alternative sentencing policy for women prisoners.