“Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO has carried out a variety of researches to accomplish the objectives of its projects.
Research has always been an integral part of PRWB’s activities. Without research, it would be impossible for PRWB experts to collect systematized data on a variety of issues. The main goal of PRWB’s researches is to furnish PRWB experts with necessary information, which will enable them to study current problems in different areas and develop recommendations to overcome them. That is to say, research is closely related to the activities of the organization.

PRWB has published the following reports on the basis of the data compiled through researches:

1. Report on the Issues of the RA Administrative Justice (Results of the Study of the RA Legislation and Law-Enforcement Practice
2. Results of the Trial Monitoring on Military Crimes
3. The Implementation of the Case-laws of the European Court of Human Rights by the Courts of the RA.
4. Assessment of the Strategy Plan of Legal and Judicial Reforms 2012-2016
5. Mapping of the Organizations Concerned with the Problems of the RA Armed Forces and the Resources Necessary for Their Functioning
6. Sentencing Policy of the RA: the Results of the Study of Court Judgments from 2010
7. Ready for Election (Project Report)
8. The Quality and Efficiency of the Right to Defense in the Context of Public Defense
Apart from the above-given reports, PRWB has also published other studies on a number of professional issues.