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From April to May 2010, ”Protection of Human Rights without Borders” NGO, with the financial support from Open Society Foundations – Armenia, implemented a trial monitoring on military crimes, which aimed at observing the protection of servicemen’s rights in the military, as well as studying the RA sentencing policy in respect to military crimes. The scope of monitoring included criminal cases of all the RA Courts of First Instance. The project set the following objectives to achieve its goals:
– asses the compliance of court procedures on military crimes with national and international fair trial standards
-identify the risks of violation of servicemen’s rights and main factors contributing to military crimes and offences.
– study law enforcement practice
-present recommendations for enhancing criminal justice system.

Within the framework of the monitoring, the monitors observed 181 cases involving 290 defendants. As a result of the project, PRWB developed a number of recommendations for promoting the defense of servicemen’s rights involved in the military criminal procedure and enhancing the activities of competent bodies. The recommendations were intended for state agencies, namely the National Assembly of the RA , Ministry of the Defense of the RA, Chamber of Advocates of the RA, Public Defender’s Office, as well as judicial authorities, competent agencies for preliminary examination of military crimes and agencies overseeing the latter’s activities. A report on the findings of the monitoring was published in July 2012.