Human Rights Education

During its activities, the Organization has particularly attached importance to the awareness rising of human rights, as well as to the capacity building through conducing human rights trainings for different target groups.

Different thematic trainings were conducted for the civil society representatives, judges, lawyers, journalists and staff members of the armed forces.

In the outcomes of the trainings, the training participants obtained knowledge on human rights, human rights violation prevention measures, practical protection of human rights at international and domestic level.

A special methodology, as well as a special training course plan was elaborated by the Organization specialists for the higher education institutions.

The human rights training was established in the education programs of the Military Aviation Institutes after Marshal Armenak Khanperyants and Vazgen Sargsyan.

Alternative reports, information notes, different thematic guidelines and video material in regard to good governance, rule of law, protection of interests, training materials on European Union Rights, justice system, case laws of the Justice Court of European Union etc. were elaborated/See the announcement section/.