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Since 1 May 2014 “Protection of rights without borders” NGO in collaboration with its Georgian partner “Georgian Foundation for Strategic and international Studies” with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic is initiating “Establishment of the independent monitoring mechanism over public administration reforms” program. This project aims to contribute to efforts on public administration reform and enhance civil society participation in the RA and in the RG through establishment of the independent monitoring mechanism over public administration reforms and through intergovernmental multi-stakeholder dialog in the Republic of Armenia and in the Republic of Georgia.
Since engagement in Easter Partnership program, the RA and the RG immersed in the reforms on public administration recognizing that effectiveness of government and approximation to EU standards require an efficient and effective public administration. Despite the measures taken and stragles in both countres the results of public administration reform are less encouriging with regard to some especial areas of the reform such as Reliability and predictability (legal certainty), and hardly acknowledged by local societies. According to the same report Georgia and Armenia have almost the same rating for the areas of the Efficiency and Effectiveness (Government effectiveness, Regulatory quality).

The local civil society organizations were beraly involved in the reform and were not fully aware about the improvements in the country. The absence of domestic control over the reform did not create an atmosphere where the civil society is able to take ownership for the development in general and for the administrative reform in particular.

The study will include a review of existing projects, evaluations of past projects, and internal reviews of past experience. The report of the study will largely communicated with the civil society organizations in both countries and will establish the grounds for the discussions and public dialog with state representatives and international organizations opening platform for inter-governmental cooperation.
The outcomes of the project will serve as a model for the further monitoring of the public administration reform in the Eastern Partnership member countries and.