The PRWB Submitted 32 Compliant-Applications Regarding the Human Rights Violation of July 16-30 Events of 2016

“The Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO has undertaken the legal protection of the citizens, journalists, who suffered as a result of human rights violations during the events of July 17-30, 2016. The spontaneous assemblies and marches during July 17-30 of 2016 were accompanied with gross human rights violations: police officers and unonimous persons in […]

The Decision to Discontinue the Proceeding Instituted in Regard to the Criminal Case on the Victims of Police Activities Has Been Appealed

On November 17 of 2018, the Protection of Rights without Borders NGO filed an appeal to the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan against the decisions made by the RA Special Investigation Service and Prosecutor General’s Office to discontinue the criminal case number 61205016, as well as to reject the appeal respectively in regard to […]

The decision made on the discontinuation of the proceeding instituted in regard to the citizens who suffered the ill treatment of the police activities on July 29 of 2016 in Sari Tagh has been appealed

On October 10 of 2018, “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO filed an appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office against the decision made on September 18 of 2018 to discontinue the proceeding of the criminal case number 61205016 instituted in the Special Investigation Service in regard to the citizens who suffered the ill treatment of […]

Criminal Persecution against Vahagn Ghumashyan has been Ceased

On June 22 of 2018, the Special Investigation Service made a decision to cease the criminal persecution instituted by the characteristics of Paragraph 2 of Article 225 (absence of crime in his actions) of the RA Criminal Code against Vahagn Ghumashyan, supporter of the Founding Parliament, back on July 30 of 2016. Vahagn Ghumashyan was […]

The Protection of Rights without Borders Has Submitted 9 Reports on Crime to the RA Prosecutor’s General Office and Special Investigation Service

Within the period of April 17-25 of 2018, the Protection of Right without Borders NGO submitted 9 reports on the use of force, illegal detention of citizens to the different police stations, keeping the latter longer than as it is prescribed by the law, as well as use of the special measures by the Police […]

PRWB will undertake the Protection of the Victims

“Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO informs, that a criminal case based on the reports presented on the legal activities of the police during the period of April 13-24 of 2018 was instituted. The Organization applied to everybody, who suffered the ill treatmen of police including injuries as a result of use of special measures, […]

We demand to stop the persecutions against the participants of rallies

The human rights protection organization continue to receive calls regarding the persecutions of the participants in the peaceful assembly on April 25 of 2018. In particular, the latter are called to investigative bodies in the status of witness, suspect, accused in order to conduct investigative activities, which restrict and hinder the citizens right to peaceful […]

Armenia 2017 Human Rughts Report

Armenia’s constitution provides for a republic with an elected head of state and a unicameral legislature, the National Assembly, US State Department reported. According to a constitutional referendum conducted in 2015, the country is on track to transition to a parliamentary republic by the end of the existing presidential term in 2018. The Republican Party of […]

Criminal case of 14 defendants in Yerevan police station takeover is sent to court

YEREVAN. – The criminal case of the 14 defendants of the case into the Sasna Tsrer armed group’s takeover of a police patrol regiment building in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, has been sent to court. The Special Investigation Service on Wednesday issued a statement in this regard. Accordingly, during the takeover, armed group […]

The response of the Special Investigation Service concerning the special public report of the Republic of Armenia Human Rights Defender

RA Special Investigation Service extremely highlights the activities regulated by the law, carried out by the Human Rights Defender with the purpose of quick and adequate response to the violations of human rights in the process of establishment of legitimacy in all aspects of public relations and thus preventing such in the future. The criticalassumptions […]