History of Protection of Rights without borders

Protection of Rights without Borders NGO (PRWB) is a Human Rights Organization and was founded in 2009.
“Protection of rights without borders” (PRWB-www.prwb.am) is a non-governmental human rights organization working in Armenia with the mission to promote protection of human rights, to foster the principles of the rule of law and good governance in the country.
The organization is specialized in rule of law, judicial reform, good governance, security sector reforms programs and has strong capacities of monitoring and legal research.

Currently, the organization operates with a staff consisting of five young enthusiastic professionals and relays on its own administrative resources such as computers, desks and etc.
The organization is specialized in judicial reform programs and has strong capacities of court monitoring and legal research combined with the practice on human rights litigation and advocacy.
The organization has successfully conducted court monitoring in administrative justice, military crimes, criminal cases with the involvement of Public Defenders Office, etc. The organisation has developed monitoring tools with specific methodology, which has been highly appreciated by experts for their uniqueness and complete character. The results of monitoring were used to develop public policies for the reforms in appropriate areas. The organization was actively involved in development of the National Strategy on Human Rights, as well as in development of the Strategy for the legal and judicial reforms in Armenia for 2012-2016.
PRWB has been the only local NGO, which conducts large scale systemic court monitoring. The methodology of court monitoring of administrative cases was developed by the Organization for the first time. Later this experience was used by the OSCE/ODIHR while drafting the manual on the methodology of trial monitoring of administrative cases with the involvement of the experts from the PRWB. Similarly, the PRWB was the pioneer in developing and applying a special methodology for the research of sentencing policy. The verdicts were evaluated according to 230 standardized indicators. The methodology is currently used by the Judicial Department for the purposes of statistical review and summarizing of court practices.
The NGO is also experienced in joint research and policy enforcement initiatives with separate NGOs. It worked on the issues of probation service system, early conditional release, Juvenile Justice in Armenia.
Since 2012 the organization has performed three projects on human rights education in armed forces , one project on European system of human rights protection for judges, prosecutors and law practitioners in Armenia .
Since 2013 the organization provides free of charge legal consulting in regard to the cases with human rights violation. Within two years the organization has almost 650 applications of citizens.
Currently, the organization is successfully litigating before the ECtHR and during a year has submitted three applications to the ECtHR .
In 2014 the organization has conducted more than nine legal researches in the spheres of mental health problems, probation system of the RA, protection of child rights in RA and has provided opinions on the draft legislation on human rights such as the law on the non-governmental organizations in Armenia.
“Protection of rights without borders” NGO is a member of local and international organizations and networks. Namely,
1.Child Rights Network

2. United for Human Rights

3.Open Government Partnership

4. Partnership for Open Society

5. Public group adjunct to the Ministry of Justice

6. Public Monitoring group over the Penitentiary Institutions

7. Eastern Partnership civil society forum.
The reports prepared by PRWB are acknowledged by many international organisations (CoE HRC, Venice Commission) and are served as reliable source for referencing.