The Speech of Nina Hakobyan during the Parliamentary Hearings on the topic “Human Rights National Agenda: United Nations Universal Periodic Observations”

On April 5 of 2019, Nina Hakobyan, lawyer of the “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO delivered a speech during the meeting on the topic “National Agenda of Human Rights: Universal Periodic Observations” at the National Assembly. The full speech of Nina Hakobyan is presented below. Within the scope of the United Nations Universal Periodic […]

The Court rejected the complaint against the decision on suspencion of criminal case filed by the persons injured in Sari Tagh on 29 July 2016

On April 2 of 2019, the Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan, chaired by Judge V. L. Grigoryan, rejected to eliminated the complaint on the discontinuation of the criminal cases instituted by the RA Special Investigation Service. The Protection of Rights without Borders NGO undertook the protection of the rights of the citizens, who suffered […]

The decision to suspend criminal proceedings on Electric Yerevan case has been appealed to the RA General prosecution

On March 14 of 2019, the Protection of Rights without Borders NGO filed an appeal to the RA Prosecutor General’s Office against the decision of the Special Investigation Service on discontinuing the proceeding of the criminal case instituted at the Special Investigation Service regarding the events in the outcomes of the sit-in within the “No […]