Incomplete Revloution in Judiciary

Within the scope of the TV show “The Opposite Side” broadcasted in Gala TV Haykuhi Harutyunyan, President of the “Protection of Rights without Border” NGO and Advocate Gevorg Gyozalyan talked about the current problems in the judiciary.

By the assessment of Haykuhi Harutyunyan, the topic of judiciary reforms is not being touched upon, but the latter is an important key to fix the values of the revolution society. According to H. Harutyunyan, the revolution did not yet reach the judiciary. As mentioned by later, if we talk about the systematic changes, it is obviously not visible, that during the one year of post revolution period, almost no changes were made from the legal perspective and the policy of the sector, as a institutional base managing the system, has not been changed.

As we see, the independence has been perceived not as a professional ability and within the scope of the current legal system rule of law respectfully as a decision making, but autonomy has been demonstrated, which is not for the interest of the Republic of Armenia citizen.

In this context, to expect that in case of availability of such system, without root reforms, it is possible to ensure economic revolution is unrealistic.