Announcement on the Persecution against David Petrosyan  

On April 19 of 2018, near 17:00 PM, Advocate Araks Melkonyan and David Petrosyan were attacked by about 15-20 people in the yard of St. Grigor Lusavorich hospital.

David Petrosyan received different bodily injuries, in the outcomes of which, the doctors did not allow him to leave the hospital and obliged the latter to receive the necessary medical treatment.

Advocate Araks Melkonyan got injuries on her leg.

Based on the alert, on April 19 of 2018, near 19:00 the policemen presented  to the hospital of Nor Nork police station.

At first, the policemen refused to record the details of the case, as presented by the victims.

Afterwards, the victims elaborated written report and submitted it to the police workers.

The police workers, investigator Eghoyan and Narek Barseghyan, together with the victims and the advocates applied to the workers of the hospital recording the area of the St. Grigor Lusavorich hospital, but the service workers refused to provide any recording.

The police workers, without any explanation left the hospital and to the demand of the advocate and the victims, the security workers responded, that they should apply to the head of the security department but did not say his name.

On April 19 of 2018, the Advocate applied to the police to ensure David Petrosyan’s physical security and to take the respective measures, which were not ensured.

It is obvious, that David Petrosyan is being subjected to persecution for his views and civic activism.

Within the period of April 16-19, David Petrosyan has been detained two times, where he was kept for 9 hours: during the detention, he was subjected to violence.

It should be mentioned, that on April 17 of 2018, near 8:15 AM, without any legal ground, the latter were brought to the RA Nor Nork Police Station. After the necessary activities and the signing of the documents, David Petrosyan was illegally kept in the police station until 17:25 PM and his advocate Araks Melkonyan had to stay there with him.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned

  • We address the RA Human Rights Defender to exercise his powers while ensuring the protection of David Petrosyan’s and his Advocate Araks Melkonyan’s rights and preventing the illegal activities towards them.
  • We urge the RA authorities to stop and refrain from the illegal activities towards the participants of the peaceful assembly and to immediately initiate examination on the facts for the violation of their rights.

In Particular

  • RA Prosecutor General’s

To immediately institute a criminal case on the fact of attack against David Petrosyan and his advocate, assign the respective investigative body to conduct immediate investigation.

  • RA Police
  • To take respective measures, as prescribed by the law, for the insurance of the security of David Petrosyan and his advocate Araks Melkonyan. For the failure to implement the mentioned activities, the RA law enforcement bodies will carry the immediate responsibility for all the further possible attacks and assaults against David Petrosyan and Araks Melkonyan.

The announcement was elaborated by the Protection of Rights without Borders NGO.

The joined organizations to the announcement

Against Legal Arbitrariness NGO:

Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center

The Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression

Helsinki Association Human Rights Defender NGO

Armenian Helsinki Committee

For Equal Rights NGO

Peace Dialogue NHO

Human Rights Power Human Rights Protection NGO

New Generation Humanitarian NGO

Human Rights Research Center NGO

Colorful House Social-Cultural and Human Rights Defender NGO

Union of Informed Citizens

Europe in Law NGO

Women’s Rights Center