Report “Peoples’ justice needs and expectations in Armenia”

The report was elaborated within the period of February 2016 to November 2017 in partnership with “ELL Partnership” Law Firm, Public Administration International (London) and “European Constitution Right Centre” within the project “Justice Monitoring” financed by the European Union.

The main expert of the project was Haykuhi Harutyunyan, President of the “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO

This analytical report presents the results of the extensive research and evaluation carried out in the Republic of Armenia in respect to the quality of justice and mechanisms of delivery of sectorial services, presented in general terms as the results of justice monitoring.

It seeks to present the public needs and expectations regarding the activity of justice institutions of the Republic of Armenia focusing on the most urgent and important challenges faced by the judiciary system in the process of its reformation as seen by professionals, system beneficiaries and direct service users.

The report is built on the results of comparison between the public perception and professional evaluation of the quality of justice and the activity of justice institutions, in particular, the courts. Due attention is paid to how the justice institutions/service providers perceive the qualitative features of the justice and how they behave when fulfilling their duties and exercising the law.

The following main areas are encompassed by the justice monitoring:

  • Independence and accountability;
  • Equality, competition and other qualities of a fair trial;
  • Predictability of justice,
  • Accessibility of justice services,
  • Efficacy of justice services,
  • Trust and confidence.

“Peoples’ justice needs and expectations in Armenia”  Report