Announcement: We urge to release the Political Prisoners

More than 10 human rights defender organizations issued a statement with the demand to release the political prisoners addressed to the authorities.

It is particularly mentioned in the announcement:

The human rights and democratic issues in Armenia are in the center of attention of foreign and international organizations and are regularly reflected in their reports. The latter are often highlighted in the cooperation projects conditioning the economic support to the country by this sector’s progress. The latest such document is the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with the European Union, the grounds of which are the democratic principles, rule of law, respect to human rights and fundamental freedoms prescribed by different international documents.

It should be noted, that in recent years the Government of the Republic of Armenia has been skilled in regression progress of concealing the human rights issues and democratization processes and in the forgery of the international partners, has been able to maneuver in parallel realities on one hand violating human rights and fundamental freedoms, on the other hand pretending “efforts” (for example concept, strategy of the human rights protection and other documents, which, in practice, do not have any influence on the prevention of human rights violations) to please the international partners and continue getting their economic and in some other cases political support.

The respect towards the human rights and democracy have no place in a country with political prisoners and where people can be retaliated on the grounds of exercising their rights to dissent, freedom of conscience, freedom of expression and the right of assembly.

In these conditions, all the commitments and high-level promises in all the agreements become null and artificial.

We urge the Republic of Armenia authorities to immediately release the political prisoners.

We call the international community to give a proper evaluation to the regress of democracy and human rights violations in the Republic of Armenia.