A. Mamikonyan

The Penitentiary System “does not forgive” the convicted who raised internal issues


The court session on the case of bribe giving by Armen Mamikonyan to the employee of the operative department of the Armavir penitentiary institution was held on November 8 of 2017.

Araks Melkonyan, advocate, the lawyer of the “Protection of Rights without Borders” NGO and Ara Gharagyozyan, lawyer of “The Foundation against the Violation of Law presented the interests of A. Mamikonyan in the court.

Back in June 2017, A. Mamikonyan informed about the buying and selling of telephones in Armavir Penitentiary institution, reporting that telephone was bought and sold through K.P. at the penitentiary. A criminal case was instituted in this regard on the basis of the testimony by Mamikonyan. A few days later, a criminal case was instituted against him on the information given by Mamikonyan for giving bribe. For ensuring the security of Mamikonyan, the later was moved to “Nubarashen” penitentiary institution.

The current criminal case raises the issues regarding the corruption procedures, internal relations and most importantly the common practice of supressing the convicted in the RA prisons in case of raising these issues.

Particularly enough, Armen Mamikonyan, as a bribe giver is now in the accusative situation, but for unknown reasons, the law enforcement bodies cannot find and bring to liability the responsible of the prison, which assisted in the sale of the telephones.  Moreover, back in June, the body in charge of the instituting the proceeding against Mamikonyan informed and “persuaded” that he does not need an advocated for the case. As a matter of fact, the latter was true and today two artificial accusations are being subjected against him. As it was mentioned by Araks Melkonyan today, the defender of Mamikonyan, “collective” complaints on different occasions are being presented in Nubarashen penitentiary institution, which is done by the knowledge of the prison’s administration. This only follows a purpose to supress and punish the convicted. Moreover, by this action it is attempted to create an atmosphere of fear to prevent everyone who tries to complain about the situation in the prisons. What happened to A. Mamikonyan, who raised issues on corruption and the whole system of the penitentiary is against him”.

The advocates mentioned, that Mamikonyan is being kept in the cell of the penitentiary in very bad conditions, moreover, the prescribed timeframe is now over, but the administration does not move him from the cell reasoning that other prisoners do not want to stay in the same cell with him.

The next court session on the case is appointed on November 15 of 2017.