EaP CSF Armenian National Platform STATEMENT On the Signing of Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement between the Republic of Armenia and the European Union  


Armenian National Platform of the EU Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum welcomes the signing of the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement between the Republic of Armenia and the European Union.

National Platform is confident that the Agreement establishes realistic grounds to develop comprehensive economic and political relationship between the EU and Armenia and carry out fundamental reforms in our country.

Meanwhile, we are also confident that the signing of the Agreement is not an end goal, but is a beginning of a long-run process, which requires efforts and responsibility to fulfill it both for signers and civil society of Armenia. In this regard, the authorities of Armenia are required to ensure consistent and responsible approach towards the implementation of the commitments stipulated by the Agreement by engaging all interested actors, including meaningful involvement of civil society. In particular, we highlight the importance of developing mechanisms of effective dialogue between the authorities and civil society, which also includes establishment of efficient and permanent mechanisms for civil society to monitor the implementation of the Agreement.

We also hope that the authorities will remain committed to their political statements and will ensure full engagement of civil society. CSF Armenian National Platform adhering to the recommendations and requirements presented in its statements of the previous years, demands from the relevant addressee state institutions to make decisive steps towards solving the issues in the areas of human rights, fundamental freedoms and democratization. This will illustrate the existence of political will towards comprehensive development of the country.

We urge the EU institutions, EU member states to demonstrate determination and consistency in assessing the reforms carried out in the framework of the Agreement. We hope that strictness of accountability, impartiality and transparency through engagement of civil society as well will be ensured in the whole process of the Agreement implementation. This also includes the engagement of EaP CSF Armenian National Platform member organizations in the processes of developing priorities, programme implementation and assessment as well as in the monitoring of the implementation of the Agreement.

We assure that EaP CSF Armenian National Platform organizations, realizing their responsibilities, will be actively engaged and will follow the implementation of the activities defined by the Agreement.

The Statement was adopted at the EaP CSF Armenian National Platform Annual Assembly, on November 28, 2017